WELCOME to SAL's by Victor - Italian Restaurant & Pizza

Come join Chef Victor of the International Olympic Committee for the best Italian cuisine in Williamsburg. Try one of our famous New York style pizzas or sink your teeth into one of Victor's renowned Italian subs.

About the restaurant
    SAL's by Victor has been serving the finest Italian food in Williamsburg since 1974. We offer a wide variety to choose from: Pizza, Pasta, Veal, Chicken, Seafood, Subs & more. Victor has something for everyone. We also offer a fine selection of vegetarian dishes.
Victor offers a special appetizer, entree & dessert every weekend.
     SAL's by Victor was selected as the BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA in Williamsburg since 1995.
(The Virginia Gazette).
    Planning a party? SAL's by Victor is the perfect place to have a pizza party for your kids or a bussines lunch/dinner. We have a separate room that seats around 100 people.
    Having a party at home? Call us and select from pasta & meal dishes, appetizers & dessert trays.
    If you are planning a wine & dine affair, give Victor a call. he will assist you planning the perfect meal.

     Sal's by Victor features everything you would expect from a traditional Italian pizzeria or from a great family-style Italian restaurant. Victor and the staff use the finest ingredients preparing fresh pastas, veal, chicken and heart-healthy sauces. And don't expect to pay an outrageous check when you leave.
    Please bring your group and your family to our restaurant - it will be a meal that you will never forget.